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Cema trainees interpret at Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit

Updated:June 30, 2017

Members of Cema’s interpreting camp at the 2017 Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit (SAES).

Cema Translators Training Institute (Cema) trainees provided liaison, consecutive, simultaneous and whispering interpreting services at the 2017 Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit (SAES) as part of an interpreting camp from March 26 to 30.

Over the years, Cema, Grouphorse’s flagship brand, has launched interpreting camps in London, the UN and Silicon Valley, which is a cross-cultural immersive teaching method to encourage and guide interpreting learners to explore foreign cultures, learn a second language and get to know different values.

Against the backdrop of the ever-deepening Sino-Australian relations after the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement was signed in 2015, the first SAES has brought together over 160 of the foremost business, political and thought leaders from China and Australasia, exploring commercial partnerships and investment opportunities in healthcare, green food, senior care, real estate, new energy and resources.

The 25th Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

During the SAES, camp members interpreted for former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, David Murray, inaugural chairman of the Australian Government Future Fund Board of Guardians, former Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb, Stephen Brammer, executive dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University, and many senior Australian officials, entrepreneurs, educators and Chinese guests.

John Howard and all camp members at a welcome banquet at the Government House in New South Wales.

John Howard and Zhou Jingqi, leader of the camp and general manager of the Center for Translation and Interpreting at Grouphorse Group.

John Howard and his interpreter, Zhong Mingxiu, Grouphorse’s fulltime interpreter and part-time trainer. 

John Howard and Tang Xuejiao, Grouphorse’s fulltime interpreter and part-time trainer.

John Howard and Bian Ying, Grouphorse’s fulltime interpreter and parttime trainer. 

John Howard and Zhu Chenye, member of the interpreting camp.

Cema’s interpreting camp at the Sydney Airport.

Camp members at a welcome lunch.

Camp members at the Government House in New South Wales.

The welcome banquet at the Government House in New South Wales.

Camp member Zhu Chenye interprets for Tom Bathurst, former chief justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and lieutenant governor of New South Wales.

Camp member Jin Shuo interprets for David Murray, inaugural chairman of the Australian Government Future Fund Board of Guardians.

Camp members at the SAES.

The Sino-Australasian Entrepreneurs Summit.

Camp members interpret under the guidance of Grouphorse’s interpreters.

Camp member Ren Xintong has dinner with Chinese entrepreneurs at the SAES banquet.

The summit was also joined by Tom Bathurst, former chief justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and lieutenant governor of New South Wales, Zhou Jun, chief supervisor of China Association for Public Companies, Li Zhenxi, co-chairman of the SAES and chairman of Baoshang Bank, Justin Howden, head of Government Relations, Public Policy and Community at Swisse Wellness, the leading Australian wellness brand.

John Howard addresses a VVIP meeting.

Zhong Mingxiu interprets at a VVIP meeting hosted by David Murray.

Camp members also interpreted for distinguished guests at the VIP welcome banquet at the Government House in New South Wales the night before the SAES, and visited Magellan Financial Group’s headquarters on March 28 and interpreted at a meeting where successful Sino-Australian business cooperation cases were discussed by Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs, including Issac Huang, Government Relations Manager, China at Swisse Wellness, Robert Millner, chairman of the chemist-turned-investment-conglomerate Washington H. Soul Pattinson, Wang Yunfan, CEO of Morning Whistle Group, a leading Internet platform in China that helps Chinese capital conduct cross-border investment and overseas M&A, and Danny Hogan, CEO of iFLY Indoor Skydiving Australia.

Grouphorse’s fulltime interpreters.

All of the members have worked extra hard to provide excellent interpreting services during the challenging camp.

“I did my homework a month before the SAES, including researches on Australian economic development, Sino-Australian ties, the Australia-Sino One Hundred Year Agricultural and Food Safety Partnership and the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. Over 30 people from different fields addressed the summit, and I googled them and ferreted out their views on relevant issues and practiced interpreting while watching their taped interviews,” said Ren Ruiliu, member of the camp and a winter interpreting course taught by Dr. Kevin Lin who has interpreted for Queen Elizabeth II.

The challenge didn’t stop there. Camp members didn’t get key materials until just a few hours before a meeting. They were also given a last-minute notice to interpret a long video and for speakers who were not on the list.

“But I calmed myself down with what Dr. Lin has always been saying: ‘mind over body’, which really helped us a lot in those two days. Guests who knew that we were interpreters gave us thumbs-up. It made all the hard work worthwhile. This camp is very rewarding and has encouraged me to work harder to be an excellent interpreter,” Ren said.

In addition to the interpreting tasks, camp members also got to relax during the trip. They started with a lunch at the popular Hurricane’s Grill & Bar, and boarded a luxurious cruise where they drank champagne and ate fresh seafood with many entrepreneurs while enjoying the view of Sydney Opera House, Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium and the romantic Darling Harbor.

Camp members on a luxurious cruise.

Attendees of the SAES.

On March 29, camp members went to the Hunter Valley, home to more than 120 wineries and Australia’s oldest wine region. They drank wine at the Tempus Two Winery and left there a little tipsily for another winery, Hermitage Road Cellars, where they drank wine and ate grilled delicacies, then watched a documentary of wine-making at the Wine Theatre. Later that day they went to the Central Coast and fed pelicans there, losing themselves in the sunlight and salty sea breeze.


Camp members drink white wine at the Tempus Two winery.


Camp members eat grilled delicacies.


Camp members drink wine with entrepreneurs.


Grouphorse works for better Sino-foreign relations and a more harmonious world.

“The interpreting camp is a great opportunity for college students like us who usually cannot interpret at such a high-level conference. Trainers in this camp have impressed me with their professionalism. They were discussing interpreting problems anytime, anywhere and did many researches,” said Zhu Chenye, member of the camp and Cema’s AIIC Course.