Since ancient China, study tour has been playing an important role in shaping individuals’ personality and knowledge. Confucius took his students to travel many states to enrich their knowledge, build their character and broaden their horizons. As the Chinese saying goes, “it is as important to travel as it is to read many books”.

Interpreting Camp

Over the years, Cema Translators Training Institute (Cema) has launched many interpreting camps in Australia, London, the UN and Silicon Valley. As a cross-cultural immersive teaching method, the camp encourages and guides the campers to explore foreign cultures, learn a second language and get to know different values, which has greatly improved their interpreting skills and social skills in a multilingual environment.

Cema is dedicated to cultivating the campers in terms of language skills, inheritance of traditional values, global vision, personality, which also fuels the globalization of China and the interpreting industry in China.

The campers have made huge progress in their practice under the guidance of the most seasoned and accomplished interpreters. Also, they have visited some tourist spots and learned about local culture, which is a fun way of learning.

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Interpreters of Cema winter interpreting camp at the United Nations Headquarters


Cema interpreters visit the China-Britain Business Council


Interpreters of Cema winter interpreting camp at the UN Economic and Social Council Chamber


A training session joined by Cema interpreters held when an IMO meeting stands adjourned